Devopsdays Austin

- May 2015, Austin, TX

DevOpsDays this year was even bigger than last year--more DevOps luminaries, more fun stuff, and more cool for more attendees.

The format of DevOpsDays events is that the mornings are for keynotes and presentations, panels, and Ignite! talks. Then the afternoons are unconference format, where we talk about what YOU want to talk about! And in the evenings, you can bet there will be some great fun events.

Join us again in 2016 for another awesome event.


Conference was held at

The Marchesa Austin

The Marchesa Hall and Theater was once again the home for the conference this year. With an awesome space with 2 large rooms and a theater, it's perfect for a fun conference.

Conference Summary

Day 1

Day 1 Keynote

Speaker: Damon Edwards
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The Coming Donkey Apocalypse

Speaker: Michael Cote
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Scoutapark - A Story of Pragmatic Dockerization

Speaker: Paul Czarkowski, Dan Sheppard
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Fixing Your Organization by Continually Breaking It

Speaker: J Paul Reed
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Containerize Your Enterprise

Speaker: Zach Jordan, Sandeep Parikh
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Staying Focused when inflicted with Conflicting Priorities

Speaker: Dominica DeGrandis
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Smack Down: Containers vs Config Management

Speaker: Boyd Hemphill, Matt Ray
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Continuous Acceleration: Why Continuous Everything Needs A Supply Chain Approach

Speaker: Josh Corman
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Chef-DK Or How I Learned To Love Embedded Ruby

Speaker: JJ Asghar
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Day 2

Day 2 Keynote

Speaker: John Willis
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Why We Can't Have Nice Things, A Tale of Woe and a Hope For the Future

Speaker: Pete Cheslock
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NASA Born: Secure OS Baselines With Ansible ala CodeShip

Speaker: Jonathan Davila
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BYOD: Bringing Your Own Dependencies

Speaker: Nick Galbreath
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Failure Friday! - Start Injecting Failure Today

Speaker: Doug Barth
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Making Your Product Manager Productive

Speaker: Clinton Wolfe
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Secure ChatOps: Enabling DevOps in the Enterprise

Speakers: Michael Ansel, Philip Moore
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